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Thread: Chaos Air Bringer PS3 App Arrives, Allows Changing MAC on CFW

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Luckystar View Post
    Only compatible with 3.41 CFW? 3.55 is working?
    It will work on 3.55 CFW, it's just going to be a plugin on 3.41 JFW DH.

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    Luckystar Guest


    But ... I did not succeed, I entered the program, it automatically exit. I'm on 3.55 CFW.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Mac is the same? do you have a MAC backup? Did you put manually a MAC address?

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    crazyzak Guest
    I saw this post in the demonhades web from the author:

    "One last note, to make sure everything is correct on your machine, if you make a change of MAC, remember that you have to be in a firmware patch to prevent the SYSCON checks. The change is real, so if for any reason the SYSCON done some checking in a version without these patches would give problems.

    I say here that's why I specified that probe, and it worked for pearls, but take care always. The change CAN work in an official firmware, but make sure to have your old mac, and before making any changes to official firmware leave it as it was before, to avoid future errors. REMEMBER IT!

    If you have checks from SYSCON you machine will shutdown as if you use a downgrade without lv1 checks disabled.

    Forewarned is forearmed "

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    HieiYYH Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by joffe View Post
    DA:B1:6B:00:B1:E5 would be the MAC of my choice
    mine is DE:AD:00:00:FA:CE


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    jesterking1 Guest
    At least theres a Spanish hacker that's doing something...

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    SpoofyModz Guest
    could i be on 3.55?

    dont work for me i'm on 3.55 dex..

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    MicaKing Guest
    plz help i am freaking out i used this to be able to play ghosts again but now i cant even connect to any router whatsoever.

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    ELecTioNz Guest
    Are there a alternative to this homebrew i mean also for CFW 4.50 or another but not >3.55 ?

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