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    Apr 2005
    On the JFW DH logo that is what it looks like to me as well.

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    wwywong Guest
    Might be useful if in the future cfw can get on to PSN (that's a big IF...). then no use in banning anyone because anyone can have a fake MAC..

    Is that a hoax though? Anyone tried it? Oh I forgot, it's near Halloween not April's fool...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Just to avoid any eventual confusion and dissapointment - Sony is NOT banning PS3s (purely) based on it's MAC address but on it's console ID so changing MAC will will not protect you from being banned neither will let you to "unban" already banned consoles - so don't go crazy and start trying go online with CFWs or trying purchase cheaply banned PS3s in hopes of unbaning them for profit etc ... Just FYI.

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    Foo Guest
    Hmm... I thought you could change your Console ID?...

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    Apr 2005


    Not sure how well they work, but awhile back these were released to change the PS3 Console ID:



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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    You CAN indeed change the Console ID - but the chances of changing it to the VALID one by random are about the same as white Xmas in Sydney ...

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    joffe Guest


    DA:B1:6B:00:B1:E5 would be the MAC of my choice

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    moja Guest
    This could be fun.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Deffo a cool app Great work

    Wonder if someone have no idea of what SS means, better explain.. SS can be enabled on a CFW on level1, as much some report a trophy bug, when present.

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    Luckystar Guest
    Only compatible with 3.41 CFW? 3.55 is working?

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