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    ramsi Guest

    CFW to OFW and some other questions


    my BD drive is damaged and i have to return my ps3 to Sony. i have currently CFW 3.55 on it and i have also some questions:

    1. how can return to any OFW?
    2. is Sony able to prove any CFW installed before? (before CFW i used a JB)
    3. normally Sony will return a refurbished ps3. If there will be the 3.56, can i install a CFW again?

    many thanks!

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    yumsg Guest
    If sony returns a 3.56, you are screwed!

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    Jack Straw Guest
    1. To return to any OFW, use a downgrade "jig" and the 3.55 files.

    2. is Sony able to prove any CFW installed before? If the latest news is correct, YES from their PSN logs. However, if you were to downgrade to even modified 3.41, then format the hard drive and update to 3.55 via USB media, THEN connect to PSN and update to 3.56 or whatever the latest is at that point, no. I'd say it's highly unlikely they could look at that machine and say that it has a CFW or MFW on it at any point just from looking at it.

    3. Sony will likely send you a machine back with the latest firmware on it, especially in this "climate". RIGHT NOW there is no hack for 3.56, but things are changing every day.

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    ramsi Guest
    i was NEVER with PSN connected after i've modifed the OFW to JB and then to the CFW.

    can i assume that sony is not able to prove my actions before? :-)

    let's see maybe i can manage to get a 3.55 one back. what is the "downgrade jig" ?

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    Sejuice Guest
    A downgradeable usb dongle you see advertised eveywhere. If you dont have one I would just reformat + 3.55ofw on usb.

    According to sony themselves, delete everything hb, remove cfw, dongles etc and your ok.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Why are you getting hyped? Unless you live on U.S they won't do anything. Even if you DO live there the max they'll do is return your PS3 with 3.56. When 7 of my PS3s stopped working together, I sent them all and requested them not to upgrade the OFW and they obliged

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    slifer1231 Guest
    if your bd drive is damaged you might need to use the special lv2diag.self to allow upgrades or downgrades with a bad BD drive or you might get stuck in a upgrade loop.

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    Guids Guest
    Hi i am also interested in reverting to OFW. What is the safest way to do this? i am running kmeaw 3.55 at the moment. maybe:

    1. instal 3.55 ofw with system recovery
    2. format hdd with pc
    3. update to 3.70

    and does anyone know if it is save to use your gamesaves made in cfw in ofw?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Just delete all your homebrew (you can reformat your HDD with your PC if you wish to) and update like you normally would . Try not to leave any traces of you ever having CFW installed on your PS3 .

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    Guids Guest
    thanks for the fast reply. But does this also mean i can just format with the ps3 and just update from 3.55 cfw to the newest ofw? I thought i read about bricked ps3's after updating from cfw some time ago.

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