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Thread: CFW 3.55 Other OS problem

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    Windstyle Guest

    CFW 3.55 Other OS problem

    Okay guys i've been running other os on my cech2004b (16mb nor) rebug 3.55.2 other os and i was having problem when i'm on the dekstop in other os via live cd and im trying to install red ribbon on my internal and it gives me that other os region is found further it says "Warning The resulting partition is not properly aligned for best performance" however i have trophy problems in my gameos as well so i decided to chose something else that wont give me problems (if you know how to fix the rebug trophy bug problem it would be very helpful to me). If you know some cool cfw with dual boot just tell it

    Okay the other thing i want to ask is i downloaded the cfw 3.55 other os 22gb special pup and i wonder if it would be helpful to me with having gameos and otheros and if i have to start again i mean with deleting and recreating the vflashes?

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    papajimmys Guest


    can you give more details?

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    GOT4N Guest
    me too, is a bug...

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    Windstyle Guest
    For the CFW? If its the cfw i downloaded it from the gitbrew site

    And for the other os when you are on the desktop trying to install red ribbon when you get to the part with the partitions it says 1.delete all and recreate new ones (automatically)

    2. manually create new one 3.use your current partition.Whatever i choose its the same and it gets me back.

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