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Thread: Catherine PS3 English / Japanese EBOOT Mod for CFW is Released

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    Catherine PS3 English / Japanese EBOOT Mod for CFW is Released

    A few weeks back several PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users including Tim3888, Trugen, Wilson-PSG and Rapunzel managed to get Catherine PS3 working on CFW using an English / Japanese EBOOT modification as outlined briefly by Tidusnake666 today.

    Download: Catherine PS3 for CFW Tools / Catherine PS3 EBOOT Mod for CFW / Catherine PS3 Repack with Rapunzel Fix

    Before beginning, take NOTE of the following from Tidusnake666: Either you do steps 1-17 and you'll get engrish SMS and ropes but no rapunzel, or download ready-made file : with rapunzel but with japanese sms and ropes.

    To quote: Ok just to get this set straight from the get go this will not give you a perfect working English copy of Catherine but a game with a mix of English & Japanese (mostly English). I'd also like to note I have not finished the game so problems may occur late game that I haven't noted below.

    I hacked together some pretty terrible shortform responses in order to fit the space limitations in the Japanese MailData and MTFL. They're far from perfect, full of grammar and other mistakes, and frankly I'm embarrassed about them. But in order to fix those problems, I need testers. However, torrents on such sites like BitGamer, have not linked the issue page, nor have any of the DDL files. So while people are able to play the game, it's far from perfect and not only are they likely to be disappointed, their disappointment won't reach my ears.

    With that being said, I'd rather no credit be given to me for my terrible job (however I do give credit to Wilson-PSG for providing the upperscore free english subtitles).

    For those wondering what the current status of the project is, we're still working on it - but trying to edit the Japanese EBOOT so we can get a real, proper, release. But in the meantime, I'm working on fixing up the shortened versions of the cellphone messages and replies, and the rope answers for the worst case scenario of us not being able to fix the EBOOT.

    If you wish to test and actually give feedback, the files have been freely available and I linked them multiple times. But for those that wish to not read back through the forums, here is a handy guide on how to set things up.

    1. Ensure that you have either the Japanese or North American of Catherine available.
    2. Download the required tools to make the modifications to your game from:
    3. Download the other required modifications to 'partially' put your game into English:
    4. Extract both archives.
    5. From the tools archive, open the quickbms folder and open up 'quickbms.exe'.
    6. A file selection dialog will appear, asking you to select the BMS script or plugin to use, go to the extracted quickbms folder and select ''.
    7. Another file selection dialog will appear, asking for the input archive. Now browse to your copy of the Japanese or North American version of Catherine (BLJM60215 or BLUS30428) and from the PS3_GAME\USDIR\ folder within it, select 'data.cpk'.
    8. The last file selection dialog will appear, and you can choose the output folder of your choice, I suggest you create a new one called 'data'.
    9. After several minutes, the files will be extracted to the folder you specified. Now copy the folders from the mod.rar archive that you extracted earlier, and paste and merge them in the output folder from quickbms that you selected. Allow them to overwrite the folders.
    10. From the tools archive, open the 'CRI Packed File Maker-ElPocho96' folder, and go into the 'crifilesystem' directory. Open the application named 'CriPackedFileMaker.exe'.
    11. Next to the 'Base Directory' bar at the the top of the application, click the folder icon with an arrow. From the folder selection dialog, choose the output folder from quickbms for the contents of your now-modified data.cpk.
    12. Allow a few moments for the application to load all the files, and press the 'Build CPK file...' button in the bottom of the application.
    13. In the settings box, change the 'Data Align' slider to 2048, and change the 'File Mode' dropdown to 'Filename'. Also uncheck 'Try Compression' if it happens to be checked.
    14. Hit the 'Start to Build' button and be prepared to wait 7-15 minutes for data.cpk to be rebuilt.
    15. Once it finishes, backup your old data.cpk in the PS3_GAME\USDIR\ folder of your game (for preparation of future patches), and place your new, modified data.cpk in its place.
    16. Transfer the files over to your PS3, and load the game in your backup manager of choice - please ensure that all previous game data the update for the japanese game are deleted prior to starting the game with your new data.cpk.
    17. The last, most important step is to please report any bugs you may find, translation issues, or other things you have a problem with at the project issues page at

    For those using the North American release as a base, please be warned that the rapunzel.pac is not included in the mod.rar as we don't officially support the NA release quite yet. For both releases, Babel seems to crash and we're still investigating those problems. Circle is accept/confirm and Cross is cancel, because of the Japanese EBOOT. When everything is fixed, we will release the full game already modified for those who don't wish to fool around with patching (and probably offer the patch method anyways for all of you that have already downloaded the game).

    Any further questions can be answered by one of the users or 'staff' at the Catherine IRC channel, #catherine @

    Hope this posts clarifies the intentions, and clears up confusion some of you may have been experiencing.

    (Update) - All upperscores have been removed & sheep subs have been fixed.

    What is in English
    • All audio (If using the US version as your base)
    • Cut scene subtitles and in game text

    What is not in English
    • Cell phone - English files just ended up screwing up the phone so I replaced the cell phone folder with the Japanese one.
    • Confessional booth questions & answers - this is what caused the 2nd stage freezing so the Japanese files had to be put in.
    • Rapunzel minigame subtitles (Text on arcade machine still reads in English) - this is due to using the rapunzel.pac from the Japanese release to fix the freezing issue.

    Other Issues
    • O & X are reversed with O= Confirm/Grab/Push & X = Cancel
    • Some loading screen quotes go off screen.
    • Babel mode will freeze after introduction video (This isn't related to any part of the main story mode)

    Download (Doesn't include the sms & rope question fix) Fixed data.cpk with jpn eboot & param:

    Installation Directions

    1. Extract contents of both rars to their appropriate sub folders in your Catherine back up folder overwriting the old files (make backups of these files before overwriting just in case a better fix comes out)

    2. Done and Enjoy.

    Credits to the users of of psx-scene forums & those on irc who got it this far. I only followed the thread and used their methods to create this repacked cpk. Hopefully a better fix will arrive eventually.

    [imglink=|Catherine PS3 English / Japanese EBOOT Mod for CFW is Released][/imglink]
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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Interesting to see, that people are working on a way to make new games possible to play on 3.55. Hope to see, they can fix the issues to make an perfect way to play this game.

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    Yep, at least it's something people can tinker with until the Gitbrew folks release their 3.6+ work currently under development.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to write here, I've done it and already completed this awesome game, will be glad to help anyone.

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    A2theC Guest
    So is the US version not completely in English? or is this patch just for some compatibility issues due to the game being backed up?

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    elser1 Guest
    i hope this gets released in australia. i've been waiting for it for ages...

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    kfk Guest
    A2theC: The reason for the patch is this: the U.S. release of Catherine is 3.6 encrypted. The Japanese release is 3.55, so the obvious solution is to use the Japanese eboot to make it run on CFW, but this causes the English text to become Japanese. So you have to re-patch the Japanese-ebooted English version with English subtitles/text.

    From what I've seen, the game is 95+% in English again and is very playable, including the SMS phone messages, but I've only played for an hour or two. The main problems are that the mini-games don't work, and the redone text messages aren't the same as the original English, because the Japanese text messages take up less memory than their English counterparts--and since you can't change the size of the eboot to accommodate more characters, you can't get the same number of English letters in.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I thought this would be a complete fix, I got all excited about it. At this rate it seems we'll see a CFW 3.6x which would run it just fine before a 100% complete workaround is made. Apparently the cell phone messages are essential to the story so I'm going to just keep waiting.

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    fettmaster Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
    If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to write here, I've done it and already completed this awesome game, will be glad to help anyone.
    I followed all the directions and at the end, I saw the Rapunzel Fix Pack. My data.cpk file is much larger than the one in the file in the Rapunzel fix. Did I screw up?

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    No, there is some misunderstandings in tutorial!

    Either you do steps 1-17 and you'll get engrish SMS and ropes but no rapunzel, or download ready-made file : with rapunzel but with japanese sms and ropes.

    Competetive authorities, please make edits to the first post

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