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Thread: Catherine PS3 English / Japanese EBOOT Mod for CFW is Released

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    New users, sorry, can't PM you back.

    Yeah, anyone who has it by now, re-up and post links here!

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    tulla2010 Guest
    if you want you can forward/pm it to me & i'll re-up it if that helps

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    tidyboy Guest
    I also would love a Re Up of a working link please

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    limyx Guest
    I can also help to re-up.

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    cmoski Guest
    Any possibility of getting this repack?

    I know its a bit older, but after scouring all of the sharing sites I cannot seem to find a live link.

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    drake2oo0 Guest
    i have US version and already madup the cpk yes please need eboot and and param.sfo PLEASE!!!

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    XRyuuichi Guest
    so i tried doing everything but when i load up catherine the screen goes jumbly with random colors and nothing happens

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