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    Dec 2010
    nice one, thanks

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    It's very pleasant to see that a lot of sites re-posted my fix (including big psx-scene and ps3sos), although there were my credits, but too bad they didn't credit as the first source of info

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    Apr 2005
    I guess that is a blessing in disguise... if they did we'd have an influx of newbs and warez kiddies posting here eh?

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    haha, from that point of view, sure.. lol

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    Dec 2010
    Thanks a lot man, I can now give this game a shot.

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    Mar 2007
    hello, your repack works perfectly!

    thanks! game is great !

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    Thumbs Up

    Just registered to say thanks Tidusnake666

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    Oct 2011
    Thanks Tidus, I owe you one ^^

    Finally I can know the story of this game >_<

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    Thanks everyone for kind words

    Check other translations: Disgaea 4 ( and Atelier Totori (

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    Unfortunately all the links are down.

    Can someone reupload the Tidusnake666's repack?


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