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    Question Can't see other os region in petitboot on rebug 3.55.2

    Hi all

    my fw is rebug 3.55.2oos. After Recovery PS3, 20GB from hdd away fom gameos. then i do all the steps from install guide. No Problems. After (i see the script created a new region) i make the reboot and i can't see the new region in petitboot!

    i have read before do a recovery again. but the same problem no new device in petitboot.

    thanks for help and sorry for my english.

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    guess you forgot something..

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    i make exactly these steps:

    1. Install Rebug 3.55.2oos from Recovery Menu
    2. When installation is finished, go to recovery menu and choose "Restore PS3 System"
    3. Now your GameOS should use only the half of your HDD (Currently working on a better approach)
    4. Run setup_flash_for_otheros.pkg (for all PS3 models)
    5. Reboot
    6. Store dtbImage.ps3.bin on USB drive, plug it in and run install_otheros.pkg
    7. Run boot_otheros.pkg
    8. Run reboot.pkg
    9. You should be in petitboot now. Exit from CUI to shell or switch to another virtual console.
    10. Copy to root of hdd the file, chmod it and run script
    11. Reboot and boot petitboot again

    and no ps3dd.

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    Try This

    cd /tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1

    cp ./ /

    cd /

    chmod 755



    cd /dev


    See if ps3dd is there

    1. parted /dev/ps3dd
    2. mklabel gpt
    3. mkpart primary 0 2GB
    4. print
    5. mkpart primary 2GB 22.0GB
    6. quit

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    ok now i have ps3dd under /dev/ps3dd parted. but i can't see it on petitboot. That's okay?

    thanks for the help. now red ribbon works...

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