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Thread: Can KMEAW port Firefox Browser for his CFW?

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    chriswall20 Guest

    Can KMEAW port Firefox Browser for his CFW?

    I wanted to put this out there just to see if KMEAW or any other developer may be interested in taking up the challenge of porting Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers to run on a jailbroken PS3 3.41 with dongle and 3.55 KMEAW or 3.55 Waninkoko. As almost every PS3 owner knows the built-in browser is rubbish and not really fit for purpose.

    The PS3 scene really could do with a breakthrough in this area. What do you say developers can you do it?

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    DQEight Guest
    There's no use since we can use those browsers through ps3 linux.. we just need a better way to get it running as i dont trust the current methods with my hard drive at the moment.

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    chriswall20 Guest
    Some people (a lot) don't want to use linux but would rather use the XMB with just a better web browser. The main reason most laypeople want linux on their PS3 is for decent web browsing. Only die hards want PS3 linux for other uses, after all 256MB of memory doesn't go very far even on linux. There is a very real need for a decent port of a decent web browser for the XMB, even if you don't think so yourself.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    actually the ps3 web browser is based off of mozilla 5.0 if you enable browser debug settings via xregestry edit and press triangle on the internet browser you can see this and the psp web browser is also based of mozilla but it's 3.0

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    barrybarryk Guest
    lol then download the source and have a go yourself, a web browser will be way down the list of most devs todo list.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    chriswall20, developing of browsers may not be high on their Priority list.

    Maybe something like that could be made with the help of future versions of the PS3 MFW Builder.

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