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Thread: can kmeaw cfw update bypass blu-ray

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    ukdan2k Guest

    Post can kmeaw cfw update bypass blu-ray

    hi all,

    just wondering if you can use lv2diag.self files that are floating around alongside kmeaws cfw, so i can update and bypass the blue-ray part so it wont get stuck in a damm update loop.

    if its possible whats the correct steps for using file1 and file2 etc.

    thanks for any help

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    slifer1231 Guest
    yes the lv2diag.self puts the ps3 into service mode but the modified one puts it into a modified service mode that blocks the firmware updates blueray check and will allow you to update with a bad/missing blueray and you won't get stuck in the loop.

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    ukdan2k Guest


    considering my ps3 hasn't been hacked yet still virgin ps3, alls i've seen so far to get it into service mode is having to use a psp or can you just use an ordinary usb flash memory stick?

    i've tried with a usb stick with the kmeaw update and lv2diag.self step1 file at the root on the right most usb and booted the ps3, it just goes to the xmb menu as normal and nothing happens.

    anyone know if usb sticks work or do you need get a psp?

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    Jes03 Guest
    You need a way to get it into service mode.

    Either a USB dongle flashed or a PSP with the service mode app on it.

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    ukdan2k Guest


    is the usb dongle flashed with it just for jailbreak users or can peps buy it / make it for use on a unmodifed ps3?

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