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    Jun 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by k9inpoop View Post
    If you guys need the English version files I got the usa version at midnight last night just ask
    Please do it, i would rather get things prepped then sit with a sour face because a FiX is out (not yet but have faith).

    Please either put it on Usenet / Torrent it / or Multiupload it for us.

    +Rep for you

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    so i'm guessing that i don't have to now since heymanHRU gave the files for the game or do you still want it?

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    Dec 2010

    I would post the links anyways, some people prefer other file sharing sites than MU.

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    ok once i get it copied ill make a private .torrent file and upload it until at least one person gets it

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    Jan 2010

    Well than, HeyManHRU posts some USA links, here are the EUR release/links from Call_of_Duty_Modern_Warfare_3_EUR_PS3-ViMTO language : English + French.

    Password for the archive :






    PS : Links are interchangeable - of course !

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    my .torrent file will not upload for some reason... so i'll just give you guys these links

    NONE of these links are mine i just found them links:

    Fileserve links:

    wupload links:
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    i Uploaded both versions Usa/Eur

    Filesonic links:

    USA Version:

    EUR Version:

    Fileserve links:

    USA version:

    EUR Version:

    Wupload links:

    USA Version:

    EUR Version:

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    Folder is empty

    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickBatman View Post
    2 different blus BLUS30887 for d comics and BLUS30838 for demonoid's version.
    Both have the exact same files except not all the corresponding files are the same size, close but not the same size, about 1/3 are like this, weird.
    Which one is correct?

    Quote Originally Posted by k9inpoop View Post
    If you guys need the English version files I got the usa version at midnight last night just ask
    This one?

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    Sep 2010

    Proper Notes:

    After testing both Dcomics (BLUS30887) and Vimto (BLES01429) releases it turned out both were FRENCH only. We CRC compared them and both are identical except for one small file on the Vimto release (probably bad rip) here's the release notes from the DUPLEX release

    So here is the missing full English release (BLUS30838)

    The sad news is: it needs FW 3.72

    Enjoy This Fine DUPLEX Release


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