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    spark32 Guest
    I have the demonoid version BLUS30838, is it the bad rip that I need to delete? (I'm getting MW3 on PS3 anyways so I can rip it again when its out, but I was hoping to play early.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Minuz View Post
    The COD Modern Warfare 3 PS3-DComics "BLUS-30887" is with French video/audio (.bik video files.)
    Really? Well I'll stop getting it then. thx

    Quote Originally Posted by spark32 View Post
    I have the demonoid version BLUS30838, is it the bad rip that I need to delete? (I'm getting MW3 on PS3 anyways so I can rip it again when its out, but I was hoping to play early.
    If you want to play early then get a Xbox360 and that version. I finished it a few days ago.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I just want to add that the "Nascar.Unleashed.PS3-iMARS" release stated in the NFO that it will work on 3.55, to quote: "Slackers. 3.55 FW enjoy! TRUST YOURSELF!" But there has also been reports of this game requiring 3.70+ FW and infact not working on 3.55 CFW.

    We'll just have to wait and see if they upload an Eboot fix soon or if it was just a typo.

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    spark32 Guest
    Is it just me, or is this thread broken? I cannot get to page 5.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    We actually have been working on that very issue a bit tonight... it occurs when the browser sees a vBSeo redirect link to a new post and decides to store it in the cache as a permanent 301. If you clear your history (in FireFox it's CTRL+Shift+Delete) and then re-login it should be fixed.

    Since clearing mine I am seeing if it happens again, so far it hasn't here but it's only been a few minutes since the last change made.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Ye, i hope you can fix it. Becuase clearing the cache make me disconnect form any other forum too, and i need to relog here and on every other forum / internet service/ email. Not so fun

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    spark32 Guest
    I didn't mind clearing the cache. I just cleared cache and cookies and now it's good to go.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Yep, it's one of those things that is hit and miss to fix mainly because it doesn't happen all the time... only on certain (usually multi-page) threads it seems, and only when the next post spans to the next page of the thread when the previous was still in the browser cache.

    For those who have cleared theirs as of the time of my last post and relogged in if it still happens let us know... so far is hasn't here, but it isn't something that happens 'on demand' so until it does we can't check the Wireshark log to see what the browser is doing since the last change we made, etc.

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    Hipmans Guest
    Just to confirm (and not to complain ) that I have this issue a lot and for me it never helps clearing cache/cookies/logging out-in.
    I still can not access some of the pages and have to wait for the following page to start as that actually does work.
    Anyway, no harm done, just keep breathing and get on with life

    EDIT: this actually is a good example since seeing my post is probably the last one on page 5, lets see if I can access page 6 once someone has replied

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Ye, clear cache. Reload page 5. (this one). Then, still unlogged, click on page 6. Page 6 will pop, now if you login again, you stay on page 6.

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