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  1. #31
    ConsoleDev Guest
    My friend noticied that into the NFO from MW2: COD.Modern.Warfare.3.PS3-DComics

    "To Play? You Need firmware 3.7+ or some tools that some rumors say its coming...".

    It says "tools" not fix, seems interesting..

  2. #32
    PatrickBatman Guest
    Yeah because the EBOOT.BIN isn't recognized as a normal .SELF and is linked to Default.SELF and default_mp.self which are also not recognized as selfs. I'm sure that has something to do with it.

  3. #33
    blazr Guest
    It ain't a big deal waiting 3 days for me, just want to clear it for people who think they might get the game early. I got BF3 and Fifa 12 at 12PM the day before release thanks to Tesco.

  4. #34
    weeze6969 Guest
    There is updates out. I have downloaded one of them. But they are packed for 3.60. The tools will probably be a batch file that puts all the updated stuff into the right files and puts the eboot.bin where it needs to go.

  5. #35
    HeyManHRU Guest
    We have the 1.01 update for MW3 decompressed on the first page, it's also 3.60 so it's no use to use.

  6. #36
    PatrickBatman Guest
    2 different blus BLUS30887 for d comics and BLUS30838 for demonoid's version.

    Both have the exact same files except not all the corresponding files are the same size, close but not the same size, about 1/3 are like this, weird.

  7. #37
    moja Guest
    waiting for DUPLEX release

  8. #38
    BigGC93 Guest
    Heard some comments here and there about the multi release being a bad dump, with the files still encrypted or what not. Doesn't make sense to me; if a clean retail disc was copied using multiman, shouldn't it work fine? I've never heard much of anything about ps3 game files being encrypted.

    Maybe the uploader was refering to the so called pslight pkg 3.6+ signing tools, soon to be released by gitbrew. The uploader of Battlefield 3 stated the same thing I remember.

  9. #39
    spunkybunny Guest
    I'm getting the 2nd version now and I'll check it out to see if the 1st version is corrupt or not.

  10. #40
    Minuz Guest
    The COD Modern Warfare 3 PS3-DComics "BLUS-30887" is with French video/audio (.bik video files.)

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