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  1. #101
    Tek9 Guest
    COD MW 3 Fails don't know why you all wanna play it on CFW it just sucks, all it is is same crap with different skins and different perk names. What does this link tell you? pc.ign.com/articles/121/1212115p1.html

    I say one word SAD... LOL BF3 is the best game out IMO BF3 makes the COD Franchise look stupid.

  2. #102
    c1pr14n Guest
    MW3 is really good too.

  3. #103
    spunkybunny Guest
    HAHAHA Battlefield 3 is a poor copy of COD: Black Ops. MW3 kicksass over B3 any day.

    I'm talking about the single player campaign as I don't play it online and you cant with CFW anyway.

  4. #104
    haiderone Guest
    bad company 3 is a really nice game!

    i give second number to bf3.

  5. #105
    Mantagtj Guest
    and if BF3 is a poor copy of Black Ops, then Black Ops is a poor copy of BLACK - XBOX PMSL, WHERE ARE THE VEHICLES ON YOUR COD? BAH BF3 ANYDAY EVERYDAY.

  6. #106
    elser1 Guest
    online bf3 beats mw3 non stop.. mw3 is garbage.. even black ops is better than mw3.. LOL bf3 is an incredible experience.. online i mean.. would love to be playing on a high end pc.. and bf3 is even better now all the cod users are gone.. bf3 rocks!im lvl 43 and have 1200 tank kills. do that in modern warfail 3.

  7. #107
    spunkybunny Guest
    I thought B3 was a shooter so why are you worried about vehicles? Go play GT5 or Forza 4 if you want vehicles. I'm after a good story shooter and MW 1,2,3 have that. B3 is a copy of BlackOps and BO was crap thats why I think B3 is crap. The gameplay is done poorly, the story is stolen and the AI is pathetic.

    Example if bad AI in B3. When you the French dudes breaking into the condo place there is 1 part then your trapped at a corner and 2 guys shooting at you. Kill them then shoot the 1 guy in the other room.

    If your quick enough you will see your guys run up the stairs in the next room and an enemy runs right past them. neither shoot each other, your guys just run past and the enemy wants to shoot you. Pathetic gameplay.

    That kind of thing doesn't happen in MW3 thats why its better. For a shooter MW3 kicksass over B3. Want more examples of poor gameplay? I've finished it on the 360 and PS3 as its so small it only took me a day and its all on rails. try running ahead of one of your team members then hide behind something. If your in their spot you will be pushed out and probably shot because of POOR gameplay.

    Again, pathetic. This is probably one reason people want MW3 to be cracked to play on the PS3 as B3 is just pathetic and people want a good game to play.

  8. #108
    elser1 Guest
    only because your too cheap to buy the game and have it playing online that's why you really dont know what your talking about.. i returned mw3 for a refund in 2 days.. it sucks. i have uncharted 3 skyrim and house of dead unopened due to how king bf3 is online.. so know what your talking about mate!!

    oh and warfare is all about vehicles mate... LOL

  9. #109
    3muk Guest
    I have a non biased opinion. What i feel was that BF3's campaign was disappointing. Graphics and gameplay are amazing. BF2's campaign was outstanding. BF3's online is just one of the best online FPS ive played to date. As for COD MW3 love the campaign, no matter how much you hate COD, the campaign has a great story. As for online its not comparable to BF3's online. But it keeps you entertained from day until dawn, with getting sleepless nights , and your eyes will burn from how addictive online is.

  10. #110
    Tek9 Guest
    Elser1 knows exactly what i am talking about BF3 pwns that that crappy COD Modern Warfail 3 Online BF3 cannot be touched period. I play BF3 on my PC and on 1920x1200 res and windows 7 ultimate x64 with 8gb ddr3 1600mhz and Crossfire enabled msi 6970 twin frozr III and X58 motherboard by Asus ROG with i7 980x 6 core gulftown and 2x 10k rpm WD Velociraptors and let me tell you BF3 just makes COD MW 3 look like crap. I use to love COD dont get me wrong but COD after COD WAW it was all down hill from there.

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