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    sezar Guest

    Unhappy call of duty 4 modern warfare with kmeaw cfw

    Hehlp with CALL OF DUTY 4 MODERN WARFARE BLUS30072.. anyone got this game to work?

    if so please someone help me wih it, everytime i try to load it, it shows logo picture then it getting back to main screen, i tried it from external and internal hdd i installed lv2 patch and fix permission and still not working, i use kmeaw 3.55

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    whompus60 Guest
    Yes I have the game working. What I told you in your other thread is all I had to do to get it to work. Your last statement in the other thread tells me you likely have a bad copy. I will not assume as to why you don't have the disk but will say getting one may be the way to fix it.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    try getting a new copy of your game and then use multiman and install the bdemu.pkg and load usign select+x and then your game should work

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