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    Blue screen when starting Multiman on Kmeaw CFW

    So this ps3 is acting really weird. It boots up fine but when i try to start multiman i get a blank blue screen. It happens when i try to play a game or watch a movie. I'm on kmeaw 3.55 cechl01 (fat)

    I messed it up again

    I figured it had something to do with the blu ray drive so i downgraded to 3.15 and installed 3.41bdb but now i am back to a rsod.

    This is incrediby weird because i forgot what firmware i was on and i was able to downgrade from 3.41bdb to 3.15 again without service mode. I just tested it again to make sure i wasnt going to make an idiot out of myself and i upgraded to 3.41 ofw and back down to 3.15 again without service mode. wtf. Is that supposed to be possible?
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