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    Confused BDEMU and Trophies on Waninkoko CFW


    I am using waninkoko v2, have two issues...

    1. BDEmu with multiman 2.02, think I need to enable it because I am not able to start games with big files from external hdd. Multiman say that I need to install hermes payload...

    - How do I do this? I have found a few but they do not seem to want to install... and from a bit of searching I have found that I don't need to install any payload since I am using Waninkoko...

    2. Is there any way for me to restore/rebuild my trophy database? I had some issues with some corrupt backup manager so I formated the internal hdd but made a backup of the trophy folder. From what I found about trophies I only need to copy it back in to the folder and they would be restored... but not for me...

    Keep up the good work!
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