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Thread: BDEMU.pkg with Kmeaw PS3 CFW and multiman

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    shield4life Guest

    BDEMU.pkg with Kmeaw PS3 CFW and multiman

    I had kmeaw 3.55 with multiman and the lvl 2 pkg installed and everything was going fine. Was loading up the lvl 2.pkg with multiman and all the games we're launching through the XMB.

    When I installed the bdemu.pkg everything changed, it was still reading the disc and even when I tried to launch the game from multiman, it still launched the game that was in the disc.

    I tried deleting multiman & lvl 2.pkg and re-installing it... still didn't work. Any ideas on how I can get the bdemu.pkg out of my system?

    I'm re-installing the Original 3.55 and going to re-instal kmeaw and try with my original settings. Will post in couple of minutes ... if anyone has any other ideas shoot.

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    severusx Guest
    You don't need to reinstall the OFW. If you deleted MM you deleted the BDEMU. Install the latest version of MM and the BDEMU, do not run or install the LV2.pkg. Let MM load it's own payload and you will be fine.

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    shield4life Guest
    Thanks I'll try that. Very weird tho, so I don't need lv2.pkg... woah been using it all the time.

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    severusx Guest
    No you don't need it. If you were loading it before launching MM with BDEMU installed you were probably creating the problem.

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    shield4life Guest
    Yes I was loading lvl2.pkg then running multiman. What you suggest more. Running multiman with bdemu.pkg?

    Because before installing the bdemu.pkg I use to run my lvl2.pkg and then run multiman the newest version and everything seemed to be working perfect.

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    severusx Guest
    You can do either, the advantage of BDEMU is that you don't have to load it every time you want to load MM. MM will load it on its own.

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    al4ex Guest
    use bdemu without lv2! in my case if i run lv2.pkg with bdemu instaled i get black screen in lv2.pkg menu. use only bdemu!! And now if you have problems launching games reinstall kmeaw from xmb.

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    dave4117 Guest
    how did it go with multiman? i've updated multiman everytime a new one comes out but 1.13.00 was the best i think, never had any problems with it and you didn't need lv2 patcher.

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