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    Feb 2010
    Duplex thanks so much for the hard work and effort on this. Hopefully we will see more eboots like this released. I'm hoping down the road DeanK will come out with a patch utility for patch updates similiar to the Eboot Mod so that way we can continue to play new fw games that are released.

    spideygower - you posted you had problems running this in Gaia manager. I use multiman and had a similiar problem but this is how I resolved it.

    1.) inserted the game and copied
    2.) ran the 1.01 patch and then crack.
    3.) tried running but then got a error to what you were describing.

    I then saw that there were two more .pkg files that I could run.
    Ran the other 1.01 patch and then ran the other crack and reran from multiman which brought me back to the xmb.

    Ran from the from there with no problems so I'm suspecting this patch is designed for different firmwares. ie kmeaw or others. Give this a try and it should work out for you.

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    Jan 2011
    works perfect many thanks

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    wonderfull thanks!!! is there a patch for sniper ghost warrior?

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    Nov 2010
    Anyone please make an eboot of DARK SOUL Z1.

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    Oct 2011
    The patch also works for the Limited Edition as well.

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    I follow all the steps but i keep getting "the game data is corrupted" any ideas on how to fix this.


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    Try deleting all the game data of BF3 which was previously installed and install the fix again. Make sure you install the crack last.

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    Hi thanks for your quick response. Have tried that several times still no joy.

    These are the steps i have done.

    Launch it from multiman (is there any thing i need to select in game settings - ie Game Disk)
    Then install the patch and crack for my version
    Run game and then i get the error

    I've tried running it off the internal hard disk and an external hd (fat32)

    And its still not working.

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    Well the only Ideas I have left is installing the patch before you launch the game on multiMAN and using the select + X (BD-Emu) method to run the game.
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    it worked flawlessly the first time for me lol what i did was re-download everything then install patch then crack then mount the disc and re-installed the patch and crack again just in case, tell me if that helped

    Quote Originally Posted by McStyles View Post
    I follow all the steps but i keep getting "the game data is corrupted" any ideas on how to fix this.
    did you rip the disc yourself or did someone else do it for you?

    i had the same problems with shift 2 unleashed.

    my disc would not rip completely as i found out so i had to ftp the ones that would not copy over and it fixed itself after that.
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Closed Thread
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