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    Enjoy the campaign lol

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    Feb 2010
    yes there is a guide you think your the only one to find this? or did you think you would try and claim some webfame. thanks for the heads up tho.

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    Oct 2011
    next time i hope it will be pes 2012 ebootfix

    can't wait, can't wait, can't wait !!!

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    Sep 2010
    just a heads up, for anyone who doesnt know : installed bf3 of internal hdd and external hdd work flawlessly 3.41 hermes, multiman.

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    its disc based guys you don't have to burn it to a disc or have the actual game, just saying that it needs to be a straight copy, can't be changed or any ripped files, just download the full game and follow info and your good to go and it works.

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    trouble loading BF3

    I followed the nfo, i transferred the game with external HD, installed it to internal HD with Gaia manager then installed the update pkgs but it doesnt show up on multiman.

    when i try to launch it from gaia it boots me back to xmb and shows corrupt data where disc should be.

    please help,


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    Sep 2010
    game works great without CD in it..


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    Sep 2011
    Man That's great news! DUPLEX rocks!!! I hope they can get Elder Scrolls: Skyrim to work! That will blow my mind!

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    i thanks DUPLEX too! this actually a good thing for the scene. it keeps the scene running ...and we got the chance to talk about the game (and play it , of course) as well !

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    Oct 2010
    absolutely agree 100% duplex has done a lot for the ps3 scene.. and seeing as they are mainly a release group it awesome that they've done this work for us end users.. the way the spirit of the scene should be.. +rep for duplex.. LOL

    although i didn't like the sp campaign much the mp is king.. and the coop campaigns are good but i can't get past the 2nd one with the heli.. i can't fly well enough..i know its probably being greedy but i wish there was psn for everyone.. but then again i'm also glad theres not..

Closed Thread
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