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    soczi Guest
    I love them for the PSN releases ( :3 !!! ). If they launch fixes for the previous 3.6x games I will marry them.

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    properBo Guest
    frickin amazing

  3. #13
    chr15m Guest
    happy to share this great news, happy halloween

  4. #14
    Natepig Guest
    Duplex does it again!

  5. #15
    Chilenazo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    We can't, only Duplex can. I'm sure more game fixes will arise over the next few days for games like PES 12 and FIFA 12.

    Viva la Duplex.
    i hope

  6. #16
    Komi77 Guest
    Duplex Rules !!!

    w8 to another fix, resistence 3, pes2012 , fifa12 , nba 2k12 .. you are amazing people

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    To me, this is yet another example of why it makes no sense to get taken by a $99 'True Blue' dongle that also requires buying a Blu-ray burner and special discs when sooner or later the latest games will be working for free courtesy of the PS3 scene. As the old adage goes, patience is a virtue. Go Duplex!

  8. #18
    mtsrefrg Guest
    Great Work Duplex. Maybe Batman Arkham City? If not you guys are still awesome

  9. #19
    shinintendo Guest
    Duplex >>>>> True blue

    All Hail Duplex!

    Now to find a way to play in multiplayer

    BF3 SP is average at best.

  10. #20
    mmanolos Guest
    OMG!!! Now, I just need this for Skyrim! Please, please, please!

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