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    Briks49 Guest

    Exclamation Battlefield 3 on 3.41 CFW PS3 with Update 1.01

    Hi there,

    IŽve a backup of my Battlefield3 game (BLUS-30762), so the game needs FW 3.72, on my PS3 IŽve the 3.70 version spoofer installed, cuz the 3.72 spoofer doesnŽt worked for me.

    Then IŽve put my Battlefield Bad Company 2 disk into my PS3, took the Eboot file from disk and switched it with the Battlefield3 once. And now the game starts! After IŽve downloaded the Battlefield3 update 1.01 (221MB), wich needs FW 3.60, the game wonŽt work anymore!

    So question to you guys, someone must rewrite the updated Eboot file

    HereŽs a video of it. And IŽll upload all files from the Update, the original files from the BF3 disc and the files from update (only EBOOT AND SPRX-FILE!)


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    3muk Guest
    what are you actually doing?

    what i understood is that you used bf3's eboot on bf2 . right ? or other way around

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    Mantagtj Guest
    He replaced the bf3 eboot with bf2 BC eboot and it ran, why does it ask that an update has been found? is it

    1. because you are connected to net or
    2. you already downloaded it, and why bother updating?

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    Briks49 Guest
    Here's the FULL UPDATE 1.01



    So yes, youŽre right, IŽve replaced the Eboot from BF3 with that one from BF:BC2 !

    So my PS3 is connected to net, and after startup BF3 there comes the update message, and IŽve updated BF3, to see, what FW is needed from the patch. And the patch needs 3.60!

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    chr15m Guest
    have you tried to play the game without the update, is it possible to remove the UPDATE.PUP maybe replace it with bf2 bc`s UPDATE.PUP

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    Briks49 Guest
    The UPDATE.PUP is not relevant for it. You can delete this files! IŽll try l8r to copy the patched files right into the game folder, and delete the updated files from PS3 HDD. So the update is included in the game already then. Maybe it will help.

    Sorry for my bad english, but IŽm from Germany

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    chr15m Guest

    what's the BLUS/BLES game number for your copy of bf2 bc?

    understand you fine

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    Briks49 Guest
    My BF:BC2 disc number is... BLES-00779

    Has one of you the US Eboot from BF:BC2 ?! IŽll try it, too!

    Please can someone who has got a 3.55CFW on his PS3 try that, too. Because I only have my 3.41 jailbroken and I wouldnŽt update to 3.55 x)

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    chr15m Guest
    Briks49 Here you go bf2 bc (BLES00773) U.S. eboot


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    alkar Guest
    The game won't work with the EBOOT from another game, the EBOOT is the executable. It's like trying to swap Battlefield 3 executable from the windows version with Bad Company 2 exe, and think the game will work...

    And yes, the 1.01 updates needs 3.60, so what ? You can't boot 3.60 eboots so bye bye Battlefield 3 on your CFW.

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