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  1. #11
    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Who told you that? The last 4-5 releases have had it built in.

  2. #12
    kornmsi666 Guest
    when i try to use the select+X it says i need to insert a disk and i have a burnt out lazer it won't even read a disk.

  3. #13
    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Have you tried putting a disc in, I know it won't read it, but just try.

    Sad thing I downloaded it. Now I got to do the friggin lv2 patched thing everytime. I'm gonna delete it and reinstall an older version

  4. #14
    slifer1231 Guest
    you can install the BDEMU.pkg and you can use the latest multiman just like the old ones they removed the lv2 patch for legal reasons.

  5. #15
    dandock Guest
    Exactly same problem... my 355kmea runs unsigned code like PSN games and packages, but none of the backups work any longer... I actually still have an old machine that has 3.41 FW with dongle that works, but my slim was a 3.42 upgraded to 3.55 and then CFW but acts just as you described and I have redone it several times and can't get it to run backups.

    I backed up original disks and they still won't run whether backed up by gaia or multiman on CFW 3.55.


  6. #16
    kornmsi666 Guest
    i know this is old but i finally got a disk and put it in and it just won't work, maybe i just need to replace the laser.

    thanks for the help though guys.

  7. #17
    caleb4god Guest
    If you are using multiman try fix permissions (R2 I believe) and then load ur backup. See if that helps.

    If it does work you will have to fix permissions for all ur games before u load but only that one time.

  8. #18
    panget21 Guest
    I just installed kmeaw and multiman with the BDEMU-355KM pkg. I started multiman and it loaded all my backups. Now this is where the problem starts, I did permission for one game and tried to load it. I got a black screen so I restarted the ps3.

    When I loaded multiman again, all my backups were gone. Now I know that they're still in the hd, but is there a way for me to load it on multiman? Do I have to reinstall kmeaw by installing 3.55 ofw again?

  9. #19
    Jack Straw Guest
    no.. fix permissions.

  10. #20
    caleb4god Guest
    Maybe multiman is looking in another folder for your games. fireup your ftp and check, it should be hdd0/GAMEZ or GAMES.

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