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    hackster321 Guest

    Backed Up PS3 games on Kmeaw CFW

    Hey everybody,

    i jailbroke my ps3 using 3.55 kmeaw and i used Gaia manager to backup my games, but after a couple weeks i decided that i wanted to go back to playing online so i updated my ps3. But i made one stupid mistake of not deleting the games on the hdd, and its annoying because out of 149GB i only have 10GB free. So is there a way that i can delete them, or can i move them onto a portable hdd or what??


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    snoekie Guest
    I guess that you file managers do not work anymore? If not, you could do a backup of your files to a portable device and then format your internal drive. This should wipe all files that are not originally sony's.

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    hackster321 Guest
    So the games would be wiped out also? or would they go onto the portable hdd? cause i kinda wanna find a way to keep them

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    Natepig Guest
    There is no way that you can recover those games at the present moment. The best thing you can do is format the hdd and forget about the games. Why were you trying to keep them in the first place?

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    hackster321 Guest
    I wanted to mess around with them on the computer lol.

    I'll format it and see how it goes. Thanks guys.

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