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    Backed up PS3 game on CFW wants Initial Setup

    I have kmeaw 3.55 CFW and gaia manager installed, the game is destroy all humans path of the furons, idk if that matters but it is the first game i have tried with the backup manager.

    i got it to work in gaia manager but when i start the game from the disc icon it says "detroy all humans path of the furon needs to perform an intial setup process. this will take about 2 minutes. please do not switch off the power during this time." and then the only option is ok.

    this would be ok but it just restarts the ps3 and then when i try to play it again it says "the game has been launched previously, but did not finish installing. in order to eliminate the possibility of corruption please exit the game and delete the game data." i delete the game data but it just starts the same cycle when i try again and i cant get the game to play.

    What do I do? Please help!

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    Probably a bad rip... Backup again if you have the disk or download again from another torrent... It might solve the problem.

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    Well not every time you backup a game it will turn out fine. Sometimes you have to do it again.

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