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    Back up my OFW 3.41 before trying a CFW?


    I've been out of the scene for a while and using a P3GO GT break... which obviously doesn't work with most of the newer games... I've been reading up on kmeaw's 3.55 and would like to try that... but I'm trying to find out if there is a way to backup my OFW now, before doing that... I haven't found anything online about backing up my current firmware.

    I see there are 3.55 to 3.41 downgrade FW's around... but if I can back up my current FW (3.41) and restore it later if I want/need to, that would be ideal.

    Is it possible? If so, can you point me in the right direction?


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    Aug 2011
    You can find original firmware 3.41 into download section. I suggest you using cfw 3.55 kmeaw, it is stable, sure, reliable. You do not risk damaging anything, it' sure!

    Before you have to install original fw 3.55 and after cfw 3.55 kmeaw.

    You can downgrade from 3.55 to 3.41 using factory service mode or activating qa-flag so you can downgrade via recovery menu.

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