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    Feb 2011
    posting 15 GB for a simple fix... no it looks to be a fake... anyone tried this ?

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    Dec 2010
    It's the full game with the "fix" included. So at least they put the game back together.

    Just a quick update, many people from various sites have tried it and all have said it's fake so it doesn't work on 3.55 CFW.

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    Did you expect something different?

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    The site is legit but the fix is crap, Nada for 3.55 yet...

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    Oct 2011
    It's seems like it's really hard to fix Ps3 game... unlike xbox360

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    Oct 2011
    no megaupload links... too bad.

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    Is it possible noone uploaded a version without AC1? damn

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    fix for us version.. untested... i don't have the game

    update info... it only works from internal hd / and works with bles version too

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    Guys, don't bother. IT' FAKE. Its been tried on bles and blus, internal and external, multiman+X, even with that trick with capital letters ASSASSIN_ISO folder in USRDIR. NOT WORKING.

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    blackscreen... cfw 3.55 , gaia , multiman , int/ext... don't bother

Closed Thread
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