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Thread: Assassins Creed Revelations on PS3 Custom Firmware

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    THE CORRE Guest
    Looks interesting..

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well Assassins_Creed_Revelations_EUR_MULTi3_PS3-ANTiDOTE has just been released, it's still 3.70+ FW but here are the download links anyway.
    Size: 14484 MB




    Deposit Files:


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    Solidseal Guest
    Well I hope we get a 3.55 fix for this game, also on one of the downloads I noticed somebody had already param.sfo edited the game to 3.01 firmware. The game also include Assassin's Creed, the original, it is an install under the extra disc option in the XMB, probably not required for AC: Revelations

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    Ezio Guest
    Has anyone the pkg (or the eboot.bin) of Assassin Creed Revelations Beta Multiplayer? Maybe it can be used to run the full version of Revelations.

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    landon Guest
    it wants help, they are different

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    bockers Guest
    No different no

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    Solidseal Guest
    This site claims a fix, unsure as i don't have room on my pc to download it...

    Works on 3.55! Installation Notes:

    Assassins_Creed_Revelations_FIX_PS3-ABSTRAKT – BLES01467

    1. Unrar the fix
    2. Overwrite all files into the folder “BLES01467″
    3. Use a BlueRay inside the PS3
    4. Copy the game folder “BLES01467″ fixed onto INTERNAL HDD in the “GAMEZ” folder (15Gb)
    5. Using Multiman (param.sfo 3.55) …Have Fun !
    Rar Password:

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    mod632 Guest
    they could post only fix but sure they didn't you need to download 15GB for nothing lolz

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I also saw someone on PS3 iso reporting this, it's nothing but a misunderstanding. Assassins_Creed_Revelations_FIX_PS3-ABSTRAKT only adds some files/folders that ABSTRAKT forgot to put in their initial release as discussed here ( a while ago.

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    gnarlyskull Guest
    Looks Rad. As soon as I get my demo model put back to retail firmware...

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