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    Every link of Alice is for Premium Users?

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    You can look around for some filesonic premium accounts or use to download the game using the single link without a premium account (I advise you use Google Chrome with an ad-blocker for

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    Oh, never tried. Firefox is not suggested?

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    Can anyone post some fresh links or some torrent. I'm starting to think I'm the only person in the world who cannot download the game .... PLEASE HELP!

    10x a lot in advice.

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    you should just rent it and R.I.P to HDD then... Problem solved

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    All i need is the fix. (Screaming PRETTY PLEASE!)

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    Thanks a million. You just saved my gaming experience

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    PS Button Color

    This is the duplex release of Alice : Madness Returns which is a bit difficult to find elsewhere due to its relative oldness, back for you on TPB!

    Contains eboot patch and DLC (consists of a dresses+weapons pack and the 2001 original Alice game).

    You need to use the DUPLEX patch in order to have access to the DLC.

    1-replace game files with files in the 'patch' folder
    2-if you want to, install the DLC .pkg from XMB
    3-run the game and enjoy.

    Tested on Rogero 4.41 with Multiman 4.40

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