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  1. #61
    jesterking1 Guest
    yep, that's what I'm doing...

  2. #62
    pablogers Guest
    mm.. this is what i did: unrar, replace the files with the patch, open the game from external with rogero 8.2 (yes, i haven't changed it because i have never had a problem), play from disc... good luck

  3. #63
    sun1345h3d Guest

  4. #64
    elka1 Guest
    i too get black screen, replaced files with the ones from patched folder. game in drive installs some files to hd and black screen.

    this is the only game i have ever had a problem with.

  5. #65
    jesterking1 Guest
    yeah, I also have a problem with LA Noire... no voices, even after updating and patching. I'll figure it out eventually.

  6. #66
    lele0o0o Guest

  7. #67
    dhemy Guest
    need in internal or external hdd to play this game and game need bluray disk inside or not?

    sorry for my english


  8. #68
    lele0o0o Guest

  9. #69
    nightwish Guest
    Hey dhemy, works fine for me by following:

    Game on external (no settings changed in MM) -> Disk inserted -> startet by using the disk icon

  10. #70
    lele0o0o Guest

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