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Thread: Access PSN through CFW 3.55 Kmeaw?

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    crescendo97 Guest

    Access PSN through CFW 3.55 Kmeaw?

    Hi there,

    I know there are many posts on accessing the PSN network - DNS trick, using Charles or CERT files. I'm trying to find the simplest way, and confirmed, to access the PSN while running CFW 3.55 Kmeaw. Can someone please shoot me a link to the instructions if they're posted, or just confirm if this is possible?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is no way currently, as all of those methods no longer work and won't again until the next OFW update... at which time they will only work for a few days and Sony closes the hole again like they do after every new FW update.

    For now if you want PSN access you have to use OFW... this has been covered in many threads if you search.

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    crescendo97 Guest
    My apologies - what does OFW stand for? Operating Firmware?

    Just to confirm, Kmeaw CFW can be uninstalled, correct?

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    slifer1231 Guest
    ofw means offical firmware and yes you can unistall kmeaw by installing offical 3.55 or upgrading to 3.60

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    fukui Guest
    thanks for the information~

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