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    khwaldeh Guest

    60g cecha12 can i use cfw 3.55?


    I have a 60g cecha12 3-094-043-01. I want to use the cfw 3.55 but I heard that is not compatible with the cfw, that it may get Break. I do not want to lose the device.. Please advise me.

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    Denida Guest
    The problem with bricking ps3's was on waninkoko's first cfw, which have been remedied since then, so shouldn't be a problem.

    All PS3s can upgrade to OFW 3.55 and CFW 3.55 after you went to official 3.55.

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    tranvanthien Guest
    Hi !

    If i update to CFW 3.55 can i still use usb jailbreak ? And can i downgrade to 3.41 ? And can i play game as normal as when PS3 on 3.41 or i have to download eboot fixed for CFW 3.55 ? At last which CFW 3.55 is suit for my PS3 60G CECHA12 hongkong version ?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You have to use Kameaw 3.55 CFW instead of Waninkoko to avoid a brick of your console. And no, you can't use PS3Jailbreak if you are on 3.55, but you don't need it, because the CFW do everything what the Jailbreak dongle does.

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    tranvanthien Guest
    thanks a lot.

    I've heard that waninkoko v2 is better than Kameaw. is it right ? i've seen there are some eboot fix for CFW 3.55 on the web so what are they ?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I shouldn't know what should be better in Waninkoko v2. Kmeaw is stable, doesn't brick your console and supports all the newest homebrew. So there is no reason why don't get that CFW.

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    Denida Guest
    Waninkoko v2 doesn't have brick risk yes, but as oVERSiKDiER stated, Kmeaw is a good stable solution.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    also no need for eboot fixes for 3.55cfw, just use original files.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Yeah. It's what everyone was waiting for. A non-dongle solution. I suggest you upgrade to 3.55 kmeaw immediately.

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    khwaldeh Guest
    Thank you all As I understand from your words.. That Waninkoko v2 is suitable for 60 g cecha12.

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