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Thread: 3.55 KMEAW Problem

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    naive1016 Guest

    3.55 KMEAW Problem

    I have MultiMan and can't seem to load my games that used to load with 3.41 jailbreak. Did I forget something? A step needed or what? I only updated because it seems everyone was and I didn't want to find the modified eboots for the new games anymore.

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    Realee Guest
    You need to make sure the eboot.bin files are the originals. If any of them have been changed to work on 3.41 they will no longer work on 3.55 until that file is fixed.

    Easiest to delete the game and re-copy it unless you kept the original eboot.bin file.

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    naive1016 Guest
    DAMN, I didn't save them. I just copied the modified eboots over the old ones. Is there a section here where I can download only unmodified eboots. I have over 10 games where I had to change eboots so this will take me time.

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    See this thread for both UnModded and Modded EBOOT File links:

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    slifer1231 Guest
    Please post back here to let us know if they fixed your problem so we can help you further.

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    naive1016 Guest
    Yea i was able to fix some games, but some I cannot seem to find the eboots. Thanks for the help though I will try searching more.

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