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    3.41 to 3.55 Kmeaw PS3 CFW advice?

    Hi all, I got some question here. For the longest time I been running 3.41 with either dongle or with my rooted phone. I am thinking of going to 3.55 but I got some question. I got soem official psn game on ym system, would i lost them all if i upgrade and format?

    Another thing, what would happen to the game i have in my hard drive but no longer have the original eboot? One of the main concern I had was that CFW only work with original eboot not the modded for 3.41 eboot file.

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    Obiouvsly it's better if you restore every eboot as a 3.55 one. You will find it quite confortable, and it's time for you to upgrade, the ps3 hacking world goes around 3.55 environment You will be happy don't worry. You will not lose anything except if you format your Harddisk.

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    ok so if don't need the original eboot I can use the 3.55 one? Actually nowsday maybe even that is hard to locate.

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    When I switched some of the games worked with 3.55 but not many. So you could try and switch and see what ones work and which ones don't and go from there.

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    hi xellos2099. I introduced 3.55Kmeaw from 3.41, too yesterday. I can let them work without a problem except some emulators or application. once introduce OFW3.55, and it is necessary to introduce 3.55Kmeaw afterwards

    If PS3 which you have is 60G,20G of FAT, it is necessary to introduce 3.55Kmeaw from safe mode.

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    Mine is a 120 slim. Will my game work as soon as I am at 3.55kmeaw or there is still special package I need to download like bluray emulation thingy?

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    Most games should work, but like it has been stated before you might need to replace some Eboot.bin files that have been fixed for 3.41 firmware with the original ones.

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    So I guess those of us that neglected to back up our original eboots are screwed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IslaTurbine View Post
    So I guess those of us that neglected to back up our original eboots are screwed?
    Not screwed, just time consuming to fix. Why bother with 3.55 though? its not like more games work.

    Luckly I rename all my old eboots to eboot.old just in case.


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    3.55 was a big plus for me, jailbreaking with an itouch was problematic!

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