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    Video: VizionEck on PS4: First PlayStation 4 Gameplay Revealed

    Founder and Lead Developer Michael Armbrust shared a fresh PS4 gameplay video today spotlighting VizionEck on PlayStation 4 below.

    To quote: I'm Michael Armbrust, the creator of VizionEck: a first-person shooter unlike any other. I've hinted aspects of the game, but now it's time to wipe away the mystery. I'm here today to reveal all and premiere the gameplay video.

    VizionEck is a competitive first-person shooter, but its core mechanics have been rebuilt from the ground up. Spawning is different, weapons are different, cover is different, etc. This new and innovative gameplay is centered around VizionEck's art-style.

    These cubes and mathematically exact outlines provide incredibly deep and competitive mechanics. Every situation can be approached in multiple ways, with no inherently bad choices.

    Destroying enemies and surviving is generally good, but in VizionEck nothing is black and white. Even self-destruction has positive outcomes depending on the player's circumstances.

    What you just witnessed was the beginning a 1V1V1V1 "Ranger VS Ranger" match. A detailed explanation of these mechanics and more can be found on VizionEck's gameplay page.

    Also as stated at the end of the video, I'm happy to announce that VizionEck will be releasing exclusively on PlayStation 4 towards the end of 2014. In the meantime, you can follow @VizionEck on Twitter, like VizionEck on Facebook, add VizionEck on Google+, etc.

    In addition you can check out our Web site and discuss the game on our forum. I'll be checking and updating these sites as development continues.

    Video: VizionEck on PS4: First PlayStation 4 Gameplay Revealed

    Video: VizionEck on PS4: First PlayStation 4 Gameplay Revealed

    Video: VizionEck on PS4: First PlayStation 4 Gameplay Revealed

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    this is the most stupid game of ps4 !!! I hate you sony !

    i'm back to xbox refund money now

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    Don't hate SONY for this, hate game developers with a distorted sense of creativity. I hate "games" like this but I just don't pay attention to them and don't pay money for crap like this either.

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