Today ElitePixelEnemyHD has made available a 16-minute video of Sony's PlayStation 4 interface, including a PS4 overview and its features demonstrated.

Check it out below, and to quote: "We have gotten a new video which details the PlayStation 4 UI and goes in detail of the interface.

This video comes courtesy of ElitePixelEnemyHD and is unfortunately kind of blurry but it really gives an extensive tour of the PlayStation 4 UI and its various menus.

The UI looks pretty simple and clean to me. More like an evolution of PS3 UI. They also show the browser and it seems to be a step above what was on PS3.

The original video is from GamekyoLive and is a 1 hour extensive walkthrough of PlayStation 4 and its games. It also has a cleaner sound as opposed to the above video."

Finally, below is another PlayStation 4 at Gamers Day'13 PS4 Overview from Izhan Shafiq via YouTube, as follows:

To quote: "This video showing actual PS4 in a running state. Also showing some PS4 interface and The Playroom at Gamers day'13 Riyadh.. Usually in e3 or gamescom games were running on dev kits but this one is retail PS4 which will be in our homes soon. And the console didn't got even warm.

It was running for about 9 hours straight! And have to run 4 hours more.The console temperature was same as body temperature air temperature was like 35-38C. PS Eye is a lot smaller if you see with your bare eyes. The controller is just The best controller in the world. The guy didn't let us capture it but we at least managed to capture that. So give a like for that at least!"

Finally, below are some more videos of the PS4 interface menu from Madrid games week and YouTube as follows:

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