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Thread: Video: New Watch_Dogs PS4 Trailer Rules the City on PlayStation 4

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    Video: New Watch_Dogs PS4 Trailer Rules the City on PlayStation 4

    Ubisoft Community Developer Kim Belair posted up a fresh Rules the City PS4 trailer video today on the upcoming PS3 and PlayStation 4 title Watch_Dogs with details below.

    To quote: Last time, I was pumped to share the Honored Trailer for Watch_Dogs, and now I'm here with some new gameplay footage that'll give you the rundown on how to operate in the world of the game.

    As you may know, Watch_Dogs' interpretation of Chicago is a web of technological connections, all overseen and managed by ctOS, a piece of centralized software designed to watch over the city and keep it running smoothly.

    ctOS controls everything from emergency response to the network of indoor and outdoor security cameras dotting the urban landscape. In the hands of a skilled hacker and strategist like Aiden Pearce, ctOS means nearly unlimited power. And in your hands, it means incredibly fun and engaging open-world gameplay.

    So check out the Watch_Dogs Hacking featurette.

    Whether you're looking for a tactical advantage in stealth and strategy or just a bit of gossip mongering through strangers' private texts and scandalous emails, hacking into ctOS gives you total access, and it's an amazing feeling to play with all that power.

    In the next episode, you'll be learning all about Chicago, both as a city under constant surveillance and as a living, breathing entity in Watch_Dogs. It's going to be pretty great, so keep an eye out for it right here.

    For now, you can pre-order Watch_Dogs on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 to be among the first to explore its open world. To get your copy, visit our official Web site.

    And you can keep up with all the latest news and updates on the Watch_Dogs Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Until next time!

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    no1leftb3hind Guest
    This is one of the few games coming out on PS4 that I'm actually excited about. I'm all about reading other people's text messages.

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    vegeta777 Guest
    This is a game that's sooooo real like in life that's scary lol.

    I'm sure they will make a sequel to it and more.

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