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Thread: Video: Leaked PlayStation Now Beta Shows UI, Games, Loading & More

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    Video: Leaked PlayStation Now Beta Shows UI, Games, Loading & More

    Following up on the news of Private Beta Invites going out, today some leaked PlayStation Now Beta video footage surfaced which shows the UI, games, loading, a connection test and more below!

    To quote from DualShockers (linked above): If you’re not in the PlayStation Now beta (or if you’re not American like me) but want to see what the service looks like, a reader that opted to remain anonymous sent us a real treat in the form of a full fledged video walkthrough of the current beta.

    The video starts from the launch of the service and basically goes through everything there’s to see, doing a connection test, browsing the games catalog and even loading and playing a couple games (Puppeteer and Saints Row: The Third). Incidentally It’s also very well made (kudos to the author, really). If it wasn’t recorded off screen it could almost be mistaken for an official trailer.

    You can check it out below, but remember that, as you can read at the bottom of the screen, what’s shown in this sneak peek is for testing purposes only, and is not indicative of the final service.

    Update: Below are some updated PlayStation Now load times (via, to quote:

    :With the new phase of the PlayStation Now beta, Sony introduced a batch of new games, and our faithful anonymous tipster that clocked them in the previous phases got back to us with a new list, showing that there has been a further improvement on PS3.
    • Pixel Junk Eden – 31.76
    • All Zombies Must Die! – 29.71
    • Ben 10 Omniverse – 32.35
    • Big Sky Infinity – 30.25
    • Choplifter HD – 39.45
    • Dead Island Riptide – 28.88
    • Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard – 30.69
    • Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 – 32.02
    • Hunter’s Trophy 2: America – 29.91
    • Legasista – 30.58
    • Mercury Hg – 28.13
    • MX vs. ATV: Alive – 28.96
    • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD – 29.92
    • Overlord: Raising Hell – 29.15
    • Pacific Rim – 27.79
    • Papo & Yo – 28.94
    • Poker Night 2 – 28.51
    • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken – 27.55
    • Tales from Space: About a Blob – 30.16
    • Way of the Samurai 3 – 28.76

    The times were recorded with the same connection as the previous times at roughly the same time of the day.

    For the sake of comparison you can find the times for the previous phase here. Times used to average around 37 seconds, with one aberration at almost 50 seconds.

    This time around they have dropped sharply, averaging around 30 seconds, with one aberration at almost 40 seconds. This gives us a good degree of hope on the possibility that the arguably poor performance of the PS4 version will be improved in the same way, considering that the PS3 version behaved pretty much in the same way during its first time.

    This definitely should not be too surprising. Improving the service before its official launch is exactly what betas are for, and Sony is managing to shave off seconds from PlayStation Now‘s lap times like a pro racer."

    [imglink=|Video: Leaked PlayStation Now Beta Shows UI, Games, Loading & More][/imglink]
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    moja Guest
    Looks good so far, would have liked to show the controller being pressed in front of the tv to see how long it takes to respond though.

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    PlayStation Now to Launch with Hundreds of Titles, Rumored PS3 Games

    Following up on the recent PlayStation Now Beta leak, today several PS3 games mysteriously appeared on Sony's PS4 (North American) PlayStation Store possibly to coincide with expansive plans for PlayStation Now which, according to IGN, will launch with hundreds of titles.

    To quote via PSU (linked above): "The hawk-eyed folk over at Reddit have been at it once again, this time unravelling what looks to be a leak in relation to Sony’s preparation for its newest cloud service, ‘PlayStation Now’.

    The listings (discovered by user KingKiio), found by navigating through ‘’Day-One Digital’’, then by selecting ‘’All Games’’ with the PlayStation Store, feature the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Dead Space 3, and Diablo III. The games in question cannot be purchased or pre-ordered but trailers and ratings can be viewed. Interestingly the list also contains Naughty Dog’s marquee release, The Last of Us, which is due to receive a new lick of paint with a PS4 release this coming summer.

    The leak seemingly coincides with the closed beta currently being carried out for the service - a beta which is set to extend within North America during this summer. PlayStation Now is Sony’s new premier streaming service which allows gamers to stream and play games rather than download or purchase them physically. The cloud-based tech will be rolled out across PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and even certain Sony Bravia televisions."

    Finally, from IGN, to quote: "At today's invite-only PlayStation event, Sony talked about its upcoming streaming service called PlayStation Now, and it sounds like a whole lot of games are going to be available when it launches later this year.

    Todd Liss of Sony told IGN that PlayStation Now will launch with "hundreds of titles." Now is currently in closed beta, and is still slated to launch this summer in North America.

    How Do PS3 Games Look on PlayStation Now?


    Also at the PlayStation event, Sony was showing off two games running on Now for the very first time. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was shown being played on PlayStation 4, while Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus was shown being played on PlayStation Vita. The former game was hinted at earlier on the website of Gaikai, the streaming technology company Sony acquired a couple of years ago for $380 million.

    Unfortunately, little else is known about PS Now, other than that renting games may cost $4.99-$5.99, and that both first party games - like the aforementioned Uncharted 3 and Ratchet: Nexus - and third party games will be available.

    We went hands-on with PlayStation Now earlier this year, and were left impressed by the experience. We hope to have more on PS Now in between now and E3 in early June."

    [imglink=|PlayStation Now to Launch with Hundreds of Titles, Rumored PS3 Games][/imglink]
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    jabberosx Guest
    wait.. if its being offered for PS3.. Wil they allow us to play titles for PS4 on PS3 ?

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    ripplar Guest
    I am wondering how long the rental is good for 24h 48h 1week 1hr. If it's a monthly fee that would be great.

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    wolfpack122 Guest
    I don't think you will be able to play PS4/PS Vita games using this service, they will probably limit the game selection to the consoles that they are phasing out or already phased out.

    Besides, if PS4/PS Vita games are playable using a different device then no one will buy a PS4/PS Vita.

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