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Thread: Video: First Destiny PS4 Gameplay Trailer from E3 2013

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    Video: First Destiny PS4 Gameplay Trailer from E3 2013

    Bungie Community Manager DeeJ revealed the first Destiny PS4 gameplay trailer from E3 2013 below today!

    To quote: Hey everybody! We're incredibly excited to be at E3 this year to reveal Destiny gameplay for the first time. We hope you like what you see. If you want more, check out the official Destiny gameplay trailer, and stay tuned for more information in the weeks and months to come!

    Finally, for those unaware: From the creators of Halo and the publisher of Call of Duty comes Destiny.

    With an unprecedented variety of FPS gameplay, Destiny promises to deliver an incredible story set within a newly-imagined, always-connected universe filled with action and adventure.

    Everything changed with the arrival of the Traveler. It sparked a Golden Age when our civilization spanned the solar system... but it didn't last. Something hit us, knocked us down.

    The survivors built a city beneath the Traveler, and have begun to explore our old worlds, only to find them filled with deadly foes. In Destiny, you are a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Defend the City. Defeat our enemies. Reclaim all that we have lost.

    Thanks for watching!

    [imglink=|Video: First Destiny PS4 Gameplay Trailer from E3 2013][/imglink]
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    zokikrkuska Guest
    can't wait to play this game on ps4, thanks for this trailer. cheers mate

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