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Thread: Video: Conversation with PS4 Creators: DriveClub on PlayStation 4

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    Video: Conversation with PS4 Creators: DriveClub on PlayStation 4

    Sony Community Development Manager Jamie Brayshaw posted up a video from a conversation with PS4 creators today spotlighting upcoming title DriveClub on PlayStation 4.

    To quote: Hi everyone, I'm proud to represent the talented team here at Evolution Studios, and to introduce this video, which shows some of our key team members involved in the brilliant Conversations with Creators series.

    It's been our ambition for nearly 10 years to create a powerfully connected racer that lets you have fun in the world's best cars, on the world's fastest roads, sharing the experience with your friends in a Club.

    A racer that keeps you constantly connected with the community - a connected community of clubs that's not about posting status updates at every opportunity, it's about sending and playing challenges and always racing together to achieve more.

    You can keep up to speed with DriveClub right here, but you should like the official Facebook page and follow DriveClub on Twitter to make sure you never miss an update about the game.

    Especially with E3 coming up quickly - you won't want to miss a thing!

    [imglink=|Video: Conversation with PS4 Creators: DriveClub on PlayStation 4][/imglink]
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    shadow8517 Guest
    Hope it's open world like tdu 2 and i can buy houses and show off my cars

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    SonicASD Guest
    First GT6 and now this? I was already planning on getting a PS4, but this just made me even more hyped to get a PS4. Not long now.

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    elser1 Guest
    wow such an entusiastic poster. lol

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