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    Sony Unveils New Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundles for Europe

    Sony Junior Product Manager Alex Moyet unveiled some new Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 bundles for Europe below today!

    To quote: We're really happy to confirm that two PlayStation 4 bundles will be launching alongside Killzone: Shadow Fall in Europe this November.

    Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle - €439
    • Killzone Shadow Fall
    • PlayStation 4

    Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle - €499
    • Killzone Shadow Fall
    • PlayStation 4
    • Additional Dual Shock 4 controller
    • Camera

    Grab your interest? Let us know which you will be pre-ordering.

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    drphuz Guest
    This is a got-to-be-getter!

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    JeoWay Guest
    Look at this. Just look at this.

    499 for this. 499 for xbone.

    Xbone for 499 gets you the console, a controller, and a lower-end camera.

    PS4 bundle for 499 gets you the better console, TWO controllers, one of the most anticipated exclusive FPS game, and a higher-end camera than xbone.

    Could someone be as kind enough to me as Sony and explain to me why M$ hasnt given up yet?

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    drphuz Guest
    Only reason Xbox even hangs with $ony really is online. Let's face it, xbox live is a better service hands down over PSN.

    The PS4 is a better system, like the ps3, and the ps2 before it. If $ony raises the bar with their online services (and we can finally have cross game chat like xbox has since day one) for the ps4 it's gonna be great. Im all in for $ony, and ps4. Im personally buying this bundle, and getting a second to tinker with.

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    JeoWay Guest
    I've recently seen some increased download speeds. I use to get about 1.5mb per second. Now im getting like 3 - 5mb per second

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    drphuz Guest
    Only thing that really concerns me is the whole cloud gaming scenario. I look for alot of congestion at launch. I think some titles are not going to be able to deliver because of this. Watchdogs is probably gonna be one of them. I am really wanting to play it bad too. Elder Scrolls online will be a victim too. Another I am dying to play.

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    JeoWay Guest
    I'm not to worried about it. My internet should be able to handle it [On a good day] when its not being a complete dick to me.

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