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    Sony Unveils First Image of PS4 / PlayStation 4 Retail Demo Station

    Following up on some leaked PS4 pictures from Reddit user Ldominguez1986, today Sony Germany has officially unveiled the first image of their PlayStation 4 Retail Demo (Kiosk) Station below via their Facebook page alongside some pics of PS4 Retail Packaging and PS4 Demo Kiosks in the wild.

    According to Ldominguez1986, Home Depot has a full PlayStation 4 demo Kiosks set up ready and is allowing players to get try their hands on PS4 early.

    To quote: "I have a friend who is an employee at Home Depot and I confirm this! He said they will be setting them up in Lawn & Garden in the coming week."

    From Anticitizen One of NeoGAF on Ldominguez1986's claim, to quote: "Just FYI I'm 99% certain that pic of the PS4 demo unit is in a best buy auto bay where they install new sound systems and gps it's sometimes used as assembly and storage area."

    In any case, the PS4 Kiosk picture from Sony below is indeed confirmed and for those curious the PlayStation 4 will hit North America this November 15th, Europe and Australia on November 29th and Japan on February 22nd, 2014.

    Finally, below is a picture of how retailer Best Buy is preparing to receive the PlayStation 4 displaying their PS4 promotional material in the aisles.

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    JeoWay Guest
    PS4 <3

    Cant wait to get mine!

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    tigereye Guest
    so do i cannot wait already order 600 Euro for 2 PS4 ...

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