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Thread: Sony PS4 Protection Plan, New Day One Update Details and More

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    Sony PS4 Protection Plan, New Day One Update Details and More

    Below are details on Sony's PS4 protection plan, some new PlayStation 4 day one update details and more from Shuhei Yoshida on the PS4 overheating, PS3 support and Play Memories.

    To quote: "Sony will once again be offering a Protection Plan for their latest console.

    For $49.99, plan buyers will receive two years of coverage for their PS4, which includes claim processing available 7 days a week, no out-of-pocket expenses for qualified claims, a pre-paid shipping box and PlayStation certified technicians and genuine PlayStation parts. For ten bucks more, the plan will cover accidental damage.

    This comes in additional to a 1-year limited warranty out of the box."

    From GamingBolt comes some new day one PS4 update details, as follows:

    Kenny Linder, who was previously a part of Sony UK’s recently shuttered BigBig Studios and who is now working on a launch title for both next gen consoles, has revealed some new details on the upcoming Day One update for the PlayStation 4. He also discussed just why the Xbox One will require its Day One update.

    Apparently, the Day One update won’t be on any game discs. “I worked on a launch game for Xbox One (and PS4) and there is no FW [firmware] update on our disc. The game was finished before the FW, they will still be finishing up with it.” He further clarified that the update is not on any game discs because, “they are submitted before the final OS is ready.”

    Linder also answered the question as to whether the dev kits were the same as the retail units. “Yep, identical. The devkits don’t even have any more RAM than retail consoles, most unusual.” Does that mean retail PS4 units can act as debug units like the Xbox One? We’ll have to wait and see but you can rest assured that the graphical performance of games is identical between the dev kits and retail units.

    As stated, the Xbox One will require its Day One update and can’t do much of anything without it (according to Albert Penello). There still seems to be some confusion regarding it, and Linder took the time to say that, “The Xbox One does not ship with an OS. The end.” So there’s your reason for why it requires the update. Intriguing and confusing at the same time.

    Finally, Linder clarified that Microsoft would work hard to ensure that the Day One update’s set-up process is smooth – unlike, say, the Wii U’s set-up. “The Wii U was shit at launch because of: Wi-Fi issues – took many users a long time to set up as it was broken; On-screen notifications - Telling you it had downloaded, how much, time outs etc. Crap; Download speed - Awful speeds meant it took forever.

    “The same won’t be the case with the Xbox One. MS are a software company and they’ll be working hard to ensure this is a smooth process. I am actually more concerned that PSN will fall apart when I am downloading the 300 MB update.

    Finally, from PlayStationLifeStyle on the PS4 overheating, PS3 support and Play Memories:

    As we’ve come to expect, Shuhei Yoshida was very busy this week on his Twitter account, answering lots of people’s questions.

    Since many of the topics were varied, we decided to place all the important information (some known, some new) below, in bullet point form:
    • The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have an IR sensor so that universal remote controls can be used.
    • Photo Apps, such as Play Memories, won’t be available at PS4 launch.
    • That blue light on the PS4 “changes colors.” We’ll have to wait and see how many colors it can change to.
    • Sony will support the PS3 with games and online server support for a “long time” after the PS4 launches.
    • When asked how long the PS4 can be on before it overheats or there’s framerate drops, Shuhei said, “No limit, unless you put it in a small shielded compartment.”
    • While you can use your voice to start up games, Shuhei said “I think so” when asked if this applies to Apps as well.
    • Shuhei is still saying “soon” when he was asked when we could expect the red and blue DualShock 4 controllers in North America.
    • You won’t void your PS4 warranty if you replace the HDD.
    • Shuhei only has 2 Platinum trophies and a trophy level of 13.

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    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    I hope I can get that protection plan in aus at that price. don't trust it too last that long

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    matt101 Guest
    worth the money to protect your ps4... accidental damage... hope its a sturdy design... bit suspect having accidental damage as part of the protection plan... still worth it tho

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