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Thread: Sony on PS4 HDMI Capture, PlayStation 4 PSN Download Speed, More

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    drphuz Guest
    Its gonna be great til it gets hacked and then they will start taking stuff away slowly

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    majid25 Guest
    No way ps4 is going to get hacked. I'm sure they upped the security and learned from their past mistakes on the ps3

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    Arrow How to Speed Up Your PS4's Internet Connection by JMQMOfficials

    Below is also a guide on How to Speed Up Your PS4's Internet Connection by JMQMOfficials for those interested, as follows:

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to speed up your internet connection. You will need a computer and the credentials for your router.

    STAticKY wrote:"DMZing" an ip address opens ALL ports that DONT have a current portforward rule.

    This an extreme security risk and is why dmz's are used to catcah all "other" traffic and forward it to a server(the DMZ'd IP) that is isolated from the rest of your network.

    Problem is in these setups that you describe, there is no DMZ server, just a PS3 in its place. So sure, your opening it right up so i will most probably go faster, but depending on the rest of your network, that ps3 isnt safe from me...

    EDIT: also if you have multiple consoles this won't work

    If there is a breach of security in your router or anything else, I will not be held responsible. You are doing this at your own risk!

    First off, go to your settings:

    Go to Network:

    Select Set Up Internet Connection:

    Choose WiFi or LAN, depending if you use a cable or not:

    Select Custom:

    Choose an internet connection (if you have a password, fill it in):

    Now when it asks you about IP Address settings, choose manual:

    Go to your computer and open up your command prompt (search -> cmd)
    Type in : ipconfig/all
    Remember or write down your default gateway number

    You will see this image after selecting manual:

    Type in the following:

    IP Address - Your default gateway but the last numbers changed (ex. (recommend 3 digits)
    Subnet Mask -
    Default Gateway - Default gateway
    Primary DNS - Default gateway
    Secondary DNS - Default gateway but last number increased by 1 (ex. ->
    Now select Next

    Select Automatic for MTU:

    Select Do Not Use on Proxy Server:

    Do not test internet connected, just press O and turn off your PS4. Now you're done on your PS4 side, and onto the PC side again.

    Open your browser and type in your default gateway and press enter
    Log in using your router's credentials
    Go to DMZ host or DMZ settings (might be in firewall settings)
    Change your DMZ host address to the IP address from your PS4 (my example was
    Save settings and logout
    Turn on your PS4 and test your internet connection

    Complete! If this does not work, change it back to their defaults.

    This worked for me greatly, I had 7.2mb/s before, and now I have 14.9mb/s. Very effective.

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