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Thread: Sony Officially Unveils PlayStation 4 at E3 2013 PS4 Press Conference!

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    chiselfreak Guest
    I will be getting one. But I think it is one UGLY box

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    jarvis Guest
    I'm not pre-ordering, but I am now highly interested in the PS4. You couldn't have paid me $500 to get XBoned and put one of those devices in my house.

    I'm still waiting it out until we get closer to launch, just to make sure Sony doesn't have any tricks up its sleeve. From rootkits, to features being removed after purchase, it's still hard to trust them. I am hoping they have learned and are being genuine about respecting their customers and understanding wanting to actually own what you purchase.

    If they stick to everything they announced with no gimmicks or hidden secrets, I do think they are going to run off with the next gen console wars. Who would put an MS box into their, knowing they were an early adopter of the NSA's PRISM program, with a device with an always on camera & mic?

    You would literally have to be INSANE. And MS wants to decide who your friends are, who you can share with, and you better check in every 24 hours or no gaming for you (we promise we won't upload all the info we've been capturing while you are offline...). The new xbox literally digusts me and I will be sure to spread the word.

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    ps33ps Guest

    USA - $399
    Europe - 399 = 527 $
    UK - 349 = 536 $

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    SDF Guest
    Another plus, via twitter ( Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that PS4 will be region free.

    "And yes, PS4 is region free "

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    hayman Guest
    what about the move control of the PS3 will it work with the ps4 and the games ... ?

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    oenone Guest
    does this mean the ps3 can now be more customizable since they are focusing on ps4?

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    elser1 Guest
    i totally agree. its got nsa spy device written all over it.

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    hayman Guest
    i meant PSN games are they playable on the ps4 ???

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    For European citizens here, zavvi have opened pre-order for the price of 348.95 GBP:

    I'll probably import US model, but before I have to figure - will the PS4 voltage be universal - 100-240v like psp, ps3 or vita? Or it'll be locked to specific voltage as x360/wii/wii u?

    As the side note, did anyone noticed FF Versus 13 on Ps4 games list? Where's confirmation to this?

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    Ni72ous Guest
    I'm glad they made a more square design, i always hated the shape of the PS3.

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