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Thread: Sony Officially Launches PS4 / PlayStation 4 Web site, Register Today

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    Sony Officially Launches PS4 / PlayStation 4 Web site, Register Today

    Following up on their initial PS4 announcement and PS4 video trailers, today Sony has officially launched the PlayStation 4 Web site in both US and UK among other regions.

    Those interested can register as of today to receive related PlayStation 4 news and product updates. Additionally, users can navigate the site to view PS4 specifications, the PS4 controller, PS4 game videos, and 'be the first to know' as Sony states about their 'See the future' promotional PS4 video game campaign.

    Finally, for those who weren't aware, we have added a PlayStation 4 / PS4 News Forum section several weeks back and also a PlayStation 4/ PS4 Portal news filter to find related articles quicker. As Sony's PlayStation 4 video game console is officially launched we will also redirect our current PS3 News domain to to sync with the next-generation in console gaming!

    [imglink=|Sony Officially Launches PS4 / PlayStation 4 Web site, Register Today][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    mmanolos Guest
    I'm following you since PS2, so starting now I'm already using

    Good luck with the new domain!

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    nukester Guest
    the UK one has been there for weeks

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    StanSmith Guest
    "See The Future" EVERYONE is still waiting to see the future. When will they release a pic of it? AFTER its already in the shops?

    It probably wont come with any pics of it on the box either, you will have to buy it then the first you will see of it is when you open the box at home and it'll have a PS3 slap in it with a piece of paper with "LOL SUCKER!" written on it. (PS3 slap, the latest PS3 with the slap lid) It's not a slim its a slap.

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    gaiyachu Guest
    It's possible they are withholding the actual console (and price) to have something to reveal after Microsoft unveils their console (provided they do it this year) so as to not have them steal all of the thunder/hype.

    On topic: Will definitely check out the ps4news site as you guys do an excellent job with news relating to the ps3.

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    elser1 Guest
    i just wish they would both hurry up and release there consoles so i can choose what to get. i want it asap. LOL

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    Joel Atkins Guest
    PlayStation all the way, if the "Always-On" feature does exist on the Xbox, it'll be extremely frustrating saving constantly just to prevent drop-outs and losing hours of gameplay.

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