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    Sony Officially Announces PS4 Launch: It Has Begun, New Videos

    Sony Social Media Manager Sid Shuman officially announced today that the PS4 launch has begun, and has shared some new PlayStation 4 videos below!

    To quote: It won't be long now! PS4 is is just hours from making its grand debut and lines are filling up at retailers nationwide. Meanwhile, the PlayStation team is holed up at The Standard, High Line, a luxury hotel in downtown New York City in preparation for one of the most dynamic launch events in gaming history (and psst: You're invited!).

    Take a behind-the-scenes look at the week's buildup, including a dazzling interactive light show and live PS4 gameplay projected on surrounding buildings. If you're in the NYC area, this is one console launch you won't want to miss. And yep, we've even got a special order of PS4s on sale just for you.

    In other launch-related news, I had a chance to speak with Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Jack Tretton about PS4′s unique place in PlayStation history.

    Finally, below is a PS4 UI Demonstration with PlayStation's Eric Lempel as follows:

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    Sony PS4 vs .50 cal - Slow Mo Destruction at 50,000 FPS

    Here is another video: Sony PS4 vs .50 cal - Slow Mo Destruction at 50,000 FPS

    A few more vids...

    Also below are some more PS4 videos from CNPalmer via YouTube which cover how to set up (sync) your PS Vita with your PS4, How to Use Facial Recognition on PS4, Using Voice Commands on PS4 and more, as follows:

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