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Thread: Sony to Issue PS4 / PlayStation 4 Developer Kits to Universities

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    Sony to Issue PS4 / PlayStation 4 Developer Kits to Universities

    Today Sony has announced that it will issue PS4 / PlayStation 4 developer kits to universities as part of their PlayStationFirst Academic Development Program similar to what was done for the PS Vita console.

    Below are the details from the Press Release, as follows: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has today announced that the PlayStationFirst Academic Development Programme is to make PS4 dev kits available as a follow on licencing programme to University members registered on the current PlayStation Vita dev kit programme.

    PlayStationFirst, the press release states, is the Academic Development and Partnership Programme for Sony Computer Entertainment and SCE Worldwide Studios designed to inspire innovation across the suite of PlayStation platforms.

    It establishes partnerships with University courses at the cutting edge of videogame technology, game development, computer science and research, and aids SCE’s overall goal of supporting Indie developers and established studios by fostering the next generation of PlayStation savvy developers.

    PlayStationFirst is now actively seeking ‘Expression of Interests’ from Universities interested in the Academic Dev Kit Programme and PS Vita game development. PS Vita is the system that is most closely integrated with PS4 and an essential part of the connected experience to create and innovate on PlayStation platforms.

    Interested parties are invited to email PlayStationFirst: applications AT

    SCEE's long running academic scheme has been working hard in recent years to "foster the next generation of PlayStation savvy developers".

    “The next generation of Indie developers are now in education,” says Dr Maria Stukoff, Head of Academic Development for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, “and PlayStationFirst is at the forefront of enabling students to gain future-fit skills for PlayStation console development by providing access to real professional tools”.

    Mick Hocking, Vice President Studio Group at London and Evolution Studios added that “PlayStation 4 is setting the pace for global Indie development” and said that “now is the time for new talent to get skilled up on PS Vita and explore the future of PlayStation game development.”

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    shummyr Guest
    This is great, hopefully it will bring new and creative content to the console that has never been seen before.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I doubt we will actually see anything from this anytime soon. If anything maybe a couple of indie games. This is a cheap way for Sony to possibly attract new ideas that they can build/be inspired from.

    It's good to see Sony reaching out to the next generation of developers, because our seasoned ones are only going to be there so long, and they probably tried most of their best ideas already. Time for some new input.

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