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Thread: Sony Introduces Micro Console PlayStation TV, Stream PS4 to Rooms

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    Sony Introduces Micro Console PlayStation TV, Stream PS4 to Rooms

    Today Sony Senior Product Manager Adam Grant officially introduced their new micro console PlayStation TV to Europe, which allows gamers to stream the PS4 to other rooms in their house.

    To quote: Introducing PlayStation TV - A new micro console available later this year for €99.

    At E3 today we introduced PlayStation TV, an entertainment system that extends the capabilities of PlayStation 4 allowing players to stream their PS4 games to any TV in their house.

    We believe PS TV makes the ideal companion to PS4, enhancing the user experience and connectivity of the console and providing a second gaming station for an attractive price – PS TV will be available this year in Europe and across the PAL region for €99 (RRP).

    Released in Japan and Asian last November as PlayStation Vita TV, the system has since continuously evolved through software updates and content enhancements. Adopting the same chip sets and system software as the PlayStation Vita, PS TV has a 6.5cm 10.5cm ultra slim size – the smallest of any PlayStation platform that connects to a TV.

    In response to the demands from users in Europe and the PAL region, SCEE will introduce the system under a new name and colour, and will deliver entertainment experiences only possible on PS TV.

    The main features of the PS TV system are as follows:

    • PlayStation 4 remote play: As with PS Vita, PS TV supports PS4 remote play and Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4). This will allow PS4 owners in the living room to continue playing a game on a PS TV system in their bedroom. You can also enjoy most of your PS4 games on PS TV as if you were playing it on your PS4 system*.

    • PlayStation Now: Once PlayStation Now is rolled out across the PAL region, PS TV users will be able to comfortably enjoy PlayStation 3 games via streaming.

    • A vast line-up of software titles: PS TV offers a huge library of PS Vita*, PSP and classic PS One titles. You’ll be able to enjoy all of these titles using a DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4 controller.

    * Games requiring PlayStation Camera are not compatible.
    ** Since PS Vita is equipped with special features not supported on DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4, such as touch screen, rear touch pad, motion sensors, camera, electronic compass and microphones, not all PS Vita games are playable on PS TV. Supported titles differ by country and regions.

    [imglink=|Sony Introduces Micro Console PlayStation TV, Stream PS4 to Rooms][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Introduces Micro Console PlayStation TV, Stream PS4 to Rooms][/imglink]
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    tonybologna Guest


    So, will this not become available at all in North America? Thanks!

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    Good question, as far as I can tell it was Japan and Asia and now Europe... time will tell I spose

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    spcfury Guest
    It's supposed to come the the US in September, $99 for the base unit and $139 for the bundle which includes a controller, 8 gig memory stick and The Lego Movie game.

    I'll get the bundle, just because the controller alone is worth nearly $50, then throw in the memory and a game for basically free. I've resisted buying one here in Japan because of the X and the O being reversed.

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    Bamber Guest
    What resolution is this likely to run at when connected to the PS4? I can't see it being able to push 1080p without any lag, so will it be limited to the same res as a Vita screen?

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