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    For PS4, looking forward to next Uncharted & inFamous. Also I heard 4k video support is possible in PS4 & not xbox one.

    And for consoles, looking forward to the one which get hacked first between PS4 and Xbox One.

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    Yeah, probably 10 years to hack it lol, maybe less but who knows? I'm not looking for the one that get hacked first. I'm looking for something faster and no lags at all. I don't care about the graphics to tell you the truth.

    I'm good with the PS3 graphics for another 10 or more years, look at Bioshock, Deadspace, Killzone and Crysis 3. Most of the PS2 games that were good and great weren't because of the graphics (that's a fact). Even the PS2 had games with great graphics, Metal Gear Solid 3, Zone of the Enders 2, Odin Sphere!

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    I hope it won't be too much $$

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    hope I can still play my PS3 cd's on PS4...

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    I'm with you too brother, I heard you are supposed to be able with some games

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    Fallout 4 and I'll buy one. Otherwise just play the massive collection of ps3 games I have.


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